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Mister Bermuda was founded by John Walters and Ete AhPing. Both of them were born and raised in the South Jersey area, where they both developed an obsession for the lawn care industry and with Italian hoagies (in particular the R Special and Diablo at Pal Joey’s).  Ete worked for John as a kid, fertilizing lawns and learning the trade directly from him. They spent years together in the truck listening to truly great music (please check out the FAQ page). And then life took them in different directions.

John went to Texas, Utah, Texas starting and building landscaping companies. He became an arborist, with expertise in trees, lawns, and pest control. He has spent the last two decades studying, researching, and learning about the science of plant health care.

Ete stayed in Jersey for a while, continuing to work in lawn care, and then moved onto Utah, building his own lawn care companies there. He moved into organic lawn care with his company Eco Lawn, which focuses on using new methods, products and approaches to lawn care. He also got more involved in the tech side of the industry: building processes and programs, systems to allow a better customer experience, and a smoother operating experience for the team. 

Over the years John and Ete have stayed great friends. In that time they’ve had very different work and life experiences which have helped them grow in different ways. The qualities and skills they’ve developed complement one another. 

Now they have joined forces to start Mister Bermuda. John focuses on the front-end: production, training, customer service. Ete does all the back end: building systems, processes, code, apps and more to improve the business. 

The mission of this company is to become the best lawn care company in the US by maintaining the highest quality service and a focus on customer experience. We are not trying to build a fast-growth, high turnover company obsessed with sales. We want to create a business that will last for years to come, and build a legacy for our families.


Meet John

  • Father of four
  • Avid Flyers fan
  • Entrepreneur
  • ISA Certified Arborist for 15 years
  • ISA Oak Wilt qualified, and Tree Risk Assessment qualified
  • Music Junkie

John is a second generation lawn care expert. He started in the turf/shrub/sree business in 1988, cutting grass and fertilizing lawns in Southern NJ. 

As he started building services, he quickly found that he was drawn to the plant health care side of things. He’s been at it for 33 years now.

John has worked in plant health care on the East Coast, the Rocky Mountains, Alaska, and the South. He has become a true expert, having seriously studied plants, pathogens and prescription for years. He has one of the broadest, and deepest knowledge bases in the industry.

Because of his breadth of knowledge, John is able to take a more holistic approach to landscape. He understands how turf fertilizers and weed controls affect your trees. He understands how tree treatments will affect your turf. He understands how all parts of a landscape work together. As he sees it, “It’s all one landscape.”

John claims that he is no fun at parties as conversation quickly turns to work, and before long, he ends up fielding questions about someone’s landscape. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.


Meet Ete

  • Father of two
  • Musician
  • Podcaster 
  • Mountain Biker
  • World Traveler
  • Music Junkie

Ete got into lawn care when he was 14. His mom approached John at church one day and declared that Ete needed to learn how to work. Could John put him to work? He wouldn’t even have to pay Ete. John put Ete to work (and did pay him).

They ran the truck together, Ete spreading the fertilizer and John spraying the weeds. Eventually Ete started running his own truck.

Years later Ete started his own fertilization company in NJ. He ended up selling to a big lawn company and went to work for them. That gave him an inside look at how things are done on a bigger scale. There he also saw what was wrong with bigger scale operations and companies that cared about sales before anything else.

Having had firsthand experience with different types and sizes of turf care businesses, and having read “more books than most librarians,” (according to John), Ete later moved to Utah with a clear vision for the company he wanted to create. He started Eco Lawn in Midway about nine years ago and he’s proud of what it’s become.

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